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We specialize in the sale of computer accessories, hardware, flat screen monitors, inkjet printers, peripherals, audio equipment, televsion equipment, unlocked cell phones and much more.

uBID4it.com is the premiere global e-commerce marketplace for the sale of surplus business-to-business goods and liquidation items. We have established long standing relationships with thousands of manufacturers, liquidators, importers, discount retail stores and middle-market businesses.

Online Auctions Bid, buy, or sell anything. Connects buyers and sellers for items such as brand new laptops, vintage jewelry, DVDs and BluRay discs, collectibles, instruments, clothing, coins, stamps and books.

Shop our electronics auctions for electronic components, cameras, cheap laptops and more.

Live Public Auctions - Seized goods that has been confiscated by the United States Marshals, Customs, Police and other government agencies. Purchase foreclosured real estate, seized assets, repossessed cars and much more.

Save cash when you buy discount items at our computer auctions. Many are also refurbished units being liquidated at closeout prices.

Save money now at the best auction site for discount computers, laptops, tablets and electronics!

Internet Auction List of government and public auctions, estate sales, storage auctions and much more. Buy and sell used or refurbished computers and notebooks plus peripherals and accessories. Also available are low cost laptops, monitors, printers, and software. Bid on auction items including desktops, notebooks, monitors, MP3 players, Ipads, digital cameras, tablets and other tech gadgets. Better than www.uBid4it.net!

uBID4it.com helps to simplify the process of liquidating bulk goods. We provide an end-to-end solution for the purchase and sale of surplus goods. Buyers and sellers are fully supported, resulting in a higher sales rate.

Buyer Benefits:
Fast verification of sellers profile and ratings. On-line ordering of product samples. Comprehensive search tools to find the exact product you need. Direct purchase of goods using several formats such as standard, Dutch and Reverse auctions. Monitor open bids through uBID4it.com Account Manager tools. Insured Escrow with a coverage limit of up to $1 million, underwritten by one of the world's most prominent insurance organizations. Monitor shipments and verify that packages have been received.

Seller Benefits:
Access to a community of thousands of qualified buyers. Access to optional services to better sell products and inventory. Monitor results through uBID4it.com Account Manager tools. Preserve the seller's anonymity. Receive and answer questions from Buyer using personalized email tools. Insured Escrow service to secure Buyer's payment.

uBID4it.com has a team of trained, experienced customer service personnel to ensure customer satisfaction and increase revenue opportunities with each of its accounts. We electronically dispatch Liquidation Alert newsletters to all of our members with new auction alerts when items are available for sale which match their criteria.

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By combining ecommerce technology with a thorough knowledge of supply markets, a process we call "market making", we help buyers manage the complexities of large purchases. As part of our process, we assist buyers in clarifying their purchasing needs and assembling a slate of responsive suppliers who can fill them. We then conduct a online auction in which buyers compete in real time, until the auction is closed.

How Buyers Profit from uBID4it.com.

Access to a Broad Selection of Merchandise and Services For Free. uBID4it.com offers Buyers around-the-clock access to a comprehensive range of goods in one centralized global marketplace. Buyers can perform tailored searches for specific merchandise and capitalize on wholesale prices nationally or internationally.

Bulk Quantity Buying Made Easy. We offer unique, bulk volume merchandise geared to the needs of industry Buyers. Additionally, we supply services that make it easier to browse, sample, buy and ship merchandise in uBID4it.com's convenient marketplace.

Full Services and One-Stop Shopping for Free. uBID4it.com provides a full range of services to make it easy for you to purchase merchandise. Additionally, we have a dedicated professional Customer Service Team to help facilitate transactions and use the system to your maximum advantage.

A Trusted Trading Network. uBID4it.com is a professionally managed, trusted trading network geared towards building long term relationships with Buyers in the marketplace. We provide several quality control checks and insurance coverage to minimize fraud. Buyers are encouraged to use our services by phone, e-mail or the Internet to conduct value-added transactions.

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Efficiency. uBID4it.com dramatically reduces the time and costs normally associated with the buying process by minimizing travel, lengthy negotiations and complicated paperwork.

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